ICC World Cup 2019: Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table, Host & Venue Details

ICC World Cup 2019: Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table, Host & Venue Details

Cricket Lovers Here They can check the ICC World Cup 2019: Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table, Host, Participating Teams& Venue Details. You May also check the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Format and Groups. Check latest All Details About ICC World Cup 2018 at Crickbuzz365. 

ICC World Cup 2019: Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table, Host & Venue Details
ICC World Cup 2019: Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table, Host & Venue Details

ICC World Cup 2019: Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table, Host & Venue Details

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the schedule of the Under-19 World Cup cricket tournament on Thursday, in which the Indian team will be the first to be played from Australia. Three-time champion India and Australia will play each other in the first match of the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup. It will be the inaugural encounter of the tournament. The tournament will begin on 1 June next year and the closing will be on 14 July.

Participating Teams For The ICC World Cup 2019

  1. England (Eoin Morgan)
  2. Australia (Tim Paine)
  3. South Africa (Faf du Plessis)
  4. India (Virat Kohli)
  5. New Zealand (Kane Williamson)
  6. Sri Lanka (Angelo Mathews)
  7. Bangladesh (Shakib Al Hasan)
  8. Pakistan (Sarfraz Ahmed)
  9. Afghanistan (Asghar Stanikzai)
  10. Windies (Carlos Brathwaite)

2019 ICC World Cup Matches Details

ICC World cup 2018 All Match Details and cricket match participating teams details check all cricket lover at Cricbuzz365 Web Portal. Ten team tournaments have received criticism due to the lack of association teams in the tournament. The format of the tournament will be a group of ten teams in which each team will play nine other teams, and the top four teams are progressing in the knockout phase of the semi-finals and finals.

  • Participants: 10
  • Cricket format: One Day International
  • Dates: May 30th, 2019 to July 15th, 2019
  • Tournament format: Round-robin and Knockout
  • Matches played: 48
  • Hosts: England, Wales

This will be the first World Cup in which all Test playing nations will not be present, and after that, the abolition of Scotland and the United Arab Emirates will be the first World Cup to facilitate the Associate members.

Host & Venue Details For ICC World Cup 2019

India and Australia are placed in Group B alongside Zimbabwe, East Asia qualifier Papua New Guinea. In the sixteen teams’ tournament, the defending champions West Indies will face hosts New Zealand. Sixteen teams will play their matches in nine cities of Cardiff, Bristol, Taunton, Birmingham, Southampton, Leeds, London, Chester-le-Street, and Nottingham.  Group A is the 2012 champion South Africa and African qualifier Kenya with the West Indies, New Zealand.

Groups Of ICC World Cup 2019

Ten Test nations have got automatic admission in this, while the best performing team in the last season, Namibia, will also be seen in it. Five Regional Qualifiers will play in this along with them. Bangladesh, Canada, England, and Namibia are in Group C. While the champions of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Asian qualifiers Afghanistan and European qualifier Ireland will also be seen in this. The top two teams from each group will reach the Super League while the other eight teams will play the plate championship.

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Format

Apart from this, the ensure is looking to do so that there are no rubber games in the tournament because it reduces interest and is financially financing. IBI has used different types of patterns in the previous World Cup, but now, because the number of teams is low, the patterns in the 2019 IBI World Cup will be easy. All teams will have just one central group where each team will play games together. So 45 matches will be played in this group stage before the final.

The quarter-final stage has been dropped due to the extended group stage and 4 teams winning the group stage are playing straight in the semifinals, the remaining 6 teams have been dismissed.

ICC World Cup 2019 Schedule | Fixtures | Time Table & Venue

Cardiff Wales Stadium, Cardiff
1 June 2019 New Zealand v Sri Lanka (Day)
4 June 2019 Afghanistan v Sri Lanka (Day)
8 June 2019 England v Bangladesh (Day)
15 June 2019 South Africa v Afghanistan (Day/Night)
County Ground Bristol, Bristol
1 June 2019 Afghanistan v Australia (Day/Night)
7 June 2019 Pakistan v Sri Lanka (Day)
11 June 2019 Bangladesh v Sri Lanka (Day)
County Ground Taunton, Taunton
08 June 2019 Afghanistan v New Zealand (Day/Night)
12 June 2019 Australia v Pakistan (Day)
17 June 2019 Windies v Bangladesh (Day)
Edgbaston, Birmingham
19 June 2019 New Zealand v South Africa (Day)
26 June 2019 New Zealand v Pakistan (Day)
30 June 2019 England v India (Day)
2 July 2018 Bangladesh v India (Day)
11 July 2018 Second semi-final (2 v 3) (Day)
12 July 2018 Reserve day
Hampshire Bowl, Southampton
5 June 2019 South Africa v India (Day)
10 June 2019 South Africa v Windies (Day)
14 June 2019 England v Windies (Day)
22 June 2019 India v Afghanistan (Day)
24 June 2019 Bangladesh v Afghanistan (Day)
Headingley, Leeds
21 June 2019 England v Sri Lanka (Day)
29 June 2019 Pakistan v Afghanistan (Day)
4 July 2019 Afghanistan v Windies (Day)
6 July 2019 Sri Lanka v India (Day)
Lord’s, London
23 June 2019 Pakistan v South Africa (Day)
25 June 2019 England v Australia (Day)
29 June 2019 New Zealand v Australia (Day/Night)
05 July 2019 Pakistan v Bangladesh (Day/Night)
14 July 2019 Final (Day)
15 July 2019 Reserve day
Old Trafford, Manchester
16 June 2019 India v Pakistan (Day)
18 June 2019 England v Afghanistan (Day)
22 June 2019 Windies v New Zealand (Day/Night)
27 June 2019 Windies v India (Day)
06 July 2019 Australia v South Africa (Day/Night)
09 July 2019 First semifinal (1 v 4) (Day)
10 July 2019 Reserve day
The Oval, London
30 May 2019 England v South Africa (Day)
2 June 2019 South Africa v Bangladesh (Day)
5 June 2019 Bangladesh v New Zealand (Day/Night)
9 June 2019 India v Australia (Day)
15 June 2019 Sri Lanka v Australia (Day)
The Riverside, Chester-le-Street
28 June 2019 Sri Lanka v South Africa (Day)
1 July 2019 Sri Lanka v Windies (Day)
3 July 2019 England v New Zealand (Day)
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
31 May 2019 Windies v Pakistan (Day)
3 June 2019 England v Pakistan (Day)
6 June 2019 Australia v Windies (Day)
13 June 2019 India v New Zealand (Day)
20 June 2019 Australia v Bangladesh (Day)


ICC World Cup 2019 Fixtures

After winning the desired rights in 2006, England and Wales will play host to the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. Initially, England and Wales jointly bid for the 2015 World Cup. However, the United Asian bidding received the rights of the 2011 ICC World Cup, giving the rights of Australia 2015 and 2019 World Cup rights of England and Wales.

Twenty matches, including quarter-finals, semi-finals and final, will be broadcast live. The finals will be held at Bay Oval Stadium on 14 May 2018, while both semi-finals will be played on Manchester & Birmingham on 09 July & 11 July 2019. The final of the plate Lodas will be on 14 July 2019.

ICC Cricket World Cup Winners and Final Rival

  • 2011 -INDIA – SRI LANKA

A Quick Recap Of The ICC WORLD CUP 2015

A joint hosting by 5 times ICC World Cup winner, Australia, and New Zeland in 2015. Biding again,  New Zealand became the 2019 ICC WORLD CUP host. After the joint hosting in 1992, it took 23 years to host the WORLD CUP together.

14 teams were selected for the ICC WORLD CUP who played 49 matches at 14 different places. The places were distributed for games between onliest Australia (26 matches) within its Country while New Zeland (23 matches) hosted in its country.

The 14  teams were separated equally as that of the 2011 ICC WORLD CUP. Lately, for the quarter-final, four teams of each group were selected. The 11th Cricket World Cup started from 14 the Feb 2015 where India vs Pakistan match was fixed to play on 15th Feb 2015 and ended the 2015 ICC WORLD CUP on 29th March 2015.

Undoubtedly winning team was Australia, the hoster won the match by defeating new Zeland Over 7 wickets.  The most awaited 2019 ICC WORLD CUP is yet to come and wondering who would steal the trophy this time!

The hoster And The 2011 World Cup Finale Scorecard

Yuvraj Singh Becoming the Man of the Tormanemt Made India won 2011 ICC  World Cup.  India had Defeated Sri Lanka By 6 tickets in the Match Winning the World Cup Trophy.

For the first time, the games were distributed in the Bangladesh Country following India and Sri Lanka. The match Started From 19th Feb-2nd April 2011 and the Opening Ceremony held in Dhaka.

The earlier attack on Sri Lanka team in 2009 Pakistan Lost the co-host privilege. Which in turn led all the matches hosting into the bag on Indian Team which was distributed.  Apart from the opening ceremony Bangladesh hosted 8 matches whereas Sri Lanka hosted 12 matches at three places.

This time along with New Zeland 2019 ICC World Cup will have another team to co-host i.e; Wales.

The Good Luck symbol was also adopted as Stumpy, a young Elephant of the 2011 ICC World Cup. The performing songs “De Ghuma Ke” and ” Dinha Udaane” became popular among the cricket lovers.

The winning team received an amount of $3,250,000 USD. Are you eagerly waiting for the next i.e; 2019 ICC World Cup and watching your favorite player hitting the scores?


Do you remember the match won by Australia in 2007 ICC World Cup?  They were the winning team with the last three consecutive matches. The match was upheld in West Indies from 13th March-28th April 2007.

West Indies being the second strongest team was the hosting team of the 2017 World Cup. Caribbean nation upholding all the matches in the countries i.e; Bermuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines along with Jamaica.

The Opening ceremony of the 9th edition of the World Cup was held on 11th March with the division of the 16 cricket teams equally, which later left as  “Super 8”.

Aback unbeaten Australian Team had a record of 29 winning matches but have degraded. India becoming stronger is hopeful to win the 2019 ICC World Cup.

A dreadful event during the match occurred when coach Bob Woolmer’s death after his team losing up the match.

The 2019 ICC World Cup is going to be unexpectedly amazing with the young team members and enthusiasm to win their teams for the World Cup Trophy.

The Rising Crowd of 2003 ICC WORLD CUP

The consecutive winning team,  Australia, won the 2003 ICC WORLD CUP. The team won the match by beating India by 53 runs. The wait for the 2019 World CUP seems taking a long time. The hosting of the match was tied between three teams i,e; Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. 

The crowd emerged more than the 2007 World Cup crowd. The games were played from 9th Feb 2003 to 23rd March 2003.

Sachin Tendulkar was rewarded as the player of the series along with most runs made (673).

Like world cup 2015, 2011,2007 and the upcoming 2019 ICC WORLD CUP the Cricket WORLD CUP 2003 featured 14 teams for the games.

The total number of matches that were played were 54. The teams were divided equally and the three out of both I,e; six teams were stated as the “Super Six”. 

Noteworthy, Shane Watson was sent back to hometown due to his drug test resulting positive before the opening ceremony of the world cup games.

Pakistan The Runner-Up In 1999 ICC  World Cup

In the History of Cricket World Cup, 1999 ICC World Cup was hosted by 5 countries which were Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, England along with Wales, who received the chance of hosting the 2019 World Cup again.

The low crowd as that of 30,000 people Australia was the winning team who fetched the World Cup trophy. The games were played between the dates 14 May-20 June 1999 consequently.

Once in the history of the World Cup, Pakistan became the runner-up in the 1999 World Cup. Australia had beaten the team by 8 wickets.

The 8the edition of the World Cup has featured 12 teams which were divided into two equal teams. The matches to be played were sum total 42. They like 2003 World Cup followed the pattern of the “Super Six” but instead of six teams, there were only four teams.

The 2019 World Cup would be the  12th edition of the World Cup games.

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