kkr vs csk 33rd match prediction

KKR vs CSK 33rd Match Prediction Of 03.05.2018 – Kolkata vs Chennai

KKR vs CSK 33rd Match Prediction & Astrology

Today is the 33rd match of IPL season 11 and fans of Chennai and Kolkata teams are ready for the match. It is the second match of IPL 2018 where Kolkata and Chennai are against each other. As we all know that every team will play 2 matches with other teams in IPL 2018. So, let’s start the Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings 33rd Match Prediction or we can say KKR vs CSK match prediction.kkr vs csk 33rd match prediction

Chennai Super Kings have lost only two matches in this season while Kolkata team with fresh team pair-up have won only half of the matches played till now. Most accurate and proven KKR vs CSK match prediction are given below with the match points and pitch report. On the Edens Garden, Kolkata Knight Riders will play its 9th match against Chennai Super Kings. On 03rd May 2018, Chennai Super Kings will fight the match against Kolkata Knight Riders which is the 33rd match of IPL 2018.

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Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings Match Facts & Important Points

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is captaining Chennai Super Kings while Dinesh Karthik is captaining Kolkata Knight Riders team. Kolkata team is ready to set fire on the Edens Garden stadium against Chennai Super Kings tonight. KKR will be playing on the home ground so they will be full of confidence. Both CSK and KKR teams have won their last match and now they will be preparing to win the match. CSK will try to stay at the top of the list with a win while KKR is willing to maintain the winning streak. Here these match points will help in telling the KKR vs CSK 33rd Match Prediction of today-

KKR vs CSK 33rd Match Prediction With Details
Average Score In 1st Innings 148 Runs
Average Score In 2nd Innings 128 Runs
Highest Score Chased 161/6 (19.4 Ov) by WI vs Eng
Lowest Defended Score 145/8 (20 Ov) by NZ vs Ban

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Eden Gardens Pitch Report For KKR vs CSK 33rd Match Prediction

With a capacity of 66,000 viewers, Edens Garden was established in 1864. The pitch of Edens Garden is dry and fast that will help the bowler of first bowling side. The pitch has a bit more bounce and it seems that fast bowlers will get help from it. And, If we talk about the Kolkata Knight Riders team bowlers then Mitchell Johnson will get benefit from it.


If Kolkata Knight Riders Play First:

If KKR is betting first in this match then the team will score around 180 runs. We can expect good betting from KKR’s batsmen. Dinesh Karthik, Chris Lyn, and Nitish Rana are good players and can make it win the match.

Projected Score: 180 Runs

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If Chennai Super Kings Bat First:

Chennai Super Kings is full of confidence as the team has done very well till the match in this IPL. All team players are showcasing their talent by giving their 100% in all matches. Chennai team has quite good batsmen who are capable to chase any score and can give a tough challenge when they bat first.

Projected Score: 200+ Runs

KKR vs CSK 33rd Match Prediction

We can see that CSK is a tough competitor to defeat as MS Dhoni is leading the team. MS Dhoni is one of the finest finishers from past few years and we can this in the current season of IPL. So, Kolkata will have to score a giant-like score to defend against CSK team. If someone is asked to choose one of these two team that will win then most of the asked will choose Chennai team. So, we predict that Chennai Super Kings will win the match.

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    MATCH NO:–33 T20
    TIME :——8:30 P.M

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